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– Another name for the vapor produced by e-cigs. It looks like a guitar string with a wide gauge wire wrapped around the core wire. ENDs: Electronic Nicotine Devices, another alternative name for electronic cigarettes, which is often used by scientists in their research into electronic cigarettes. The lower resistance produces more vapor at the expense of reduced battery life. Cartridge – A small mouthpiece filled with Poly-Fil to hold e-liquid, it’s attached to an atomizer and usually comes pre-filled. Bottom Coil Clearomiser (BCC): A clearomiser where the atomiser and heating coil is located at the bottom of the clearomiser. Stealth vaping: Deliberately vaping in a way that is designed to minimise attention. If the e-cig detects overheating, the unit will shut off automatically. Sometimes you might buy an e-liquid because of the novelty value of its flavour, or you may simply choose a particular flavour as a change. 1/1000th of an amp. If you look at a standard ego battery (you probably got one with your starter kit) there are two threads – inside and outside of the end of your battery. Automatic Shutoff – A safety feature found in most regulated e-cigarettes, this prevents overheating of the battery. There are two kinds: lung inhale and mouth-to-lung inhale. Clouds – A term that describes vapor production, i.e., “My current vape setup is capable of producing massive clouds!”. Carcinogen – A chemical compound that appears during tobacco combustion or extreme e-liquid heating. Buck – The feature that allows to instantly fire below the applied voltage on a regulated vape device. Clapton Coil – An advanced coil build used in rebuildable atomizers. Here at, we have a huge range of flavours available. i got them here from the vaportalk store. This practice is looked down upon by some vapers (and pub landlords) who feel it brings vaping into disrepute among the general public. The word has its origins in the early days of vaping, when enthusiastic amateurs used to tinker around and modify ineffective devices to improve their performance. OK, so “propylene glycol” might seem like a scary sounding chemical, but then so does “dihydrogen monoxide” (H2O- water) which we are happy to drink all the time. VG - Vegetable glycerin. With the hybrid top cap, the atomizer fires directly the positive contact of the battery. I personally like this name as it is suggestive of the “END” of normal cigarette smoking. 2.) For vapers, vapor is inhaled into the mouth, then inhaled to the lungs. – A stainless steel tool for manual coil wrapping. From getting the right resistance, the right e-juice and the right nicotine level, to getting the right wattage or voltage, to using the right PV or e-cig for your purpose. This term is usually used to describe rebuildable atomizers, with larger decks being easier to rebuild on. Most starter kits come with 1 or more atomizers, 1 or more batteries and a charger. LR (Low Resistance) – An atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer with a low ohm rating. Standard Resistance – Is the typical range of ohm ratings suitable for vaping device capabilities, commonly 1.8 to 3.0 ohms. Often used to describe a vaping device for ground materials or oil concentrates. Kick – A.) Evidence suggests that nicotine alone isn’t actually all that addictive and that it is the other harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke that make it so hard to quit smoking. Atty Vape For example, studying the limbs may indicate that taxonomic unit b is clearly related to taxonomic unit a, while the characteristics of the ecig juice usa intestinal tract indicate that Chen taxonomic unit b is the closest relative of taxonomic unit c. A lower number indicates lower resistance and therefore creates faster heating. Looser airflow results in more vapor, while tighter airflow results in less vapor but more intense flavor. Variable Voltage (VV) Battery – A battery that allows the user to set the voltage powering the atomiser and controls the vapour volume and flavour. – another term for an e-cigarette that looks like a conventional one. This is to aid us all in making decisions about clone/ replica purchase decisions. Wick – The material wrapped around the heating coil that soaks e-liquid for further evaporating. Vaporizer – Another term for an e-cig. Organic Cotton: This material is used in many commercially available coils and is a popular material for DIY vapers to use in their own coil construction. Looking for online definition of ATTY or what ATTY stands for? The higher the wattage – the more vapor is produced. Also referred to as hybrids or hybrid mods, these are e-cigarettes with a battery holder and atomizer designed as one unit for a sleek and seamless look. 401, 402, and 403 – Also called m401, m402, and m403, these are types of e-cigarettes that are virtually identical except for the battery length, with 401s being the longest and 403s the shortest. 'Attorney' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. Alien Coil – a modification of the Clapton coil with a wire wrapped around three core wires. As for the O-Atty, you’re right it is going to be a hard to get atty pretty soon and the market value is going to skyrocket. An atomizer typically consists of an outer body, then a wrapped on the inside. Thanks to Hon Lik’s ingenuity, this number should start to decrease annually. Hot Spot – Coils with glowing spots that indicate uneven wrapping of the coil. I put my standard ‘try out’ build into the M Atty first. Wire – This is the term that refers to the material used in an atomizer’s coil. MV (Multi-Voltage) – MVs are regulated vape mods that imply various preset voltage settings selectable by the user. B.) Many e-liquid vendors have stopped using it. E-Cigarette – The name used to describe a device that gives smokers an alternative means to satisfy their nicotine cravings. The increased quantity of e-juice combined with the higher temperature can produce a warmer and more flavourful vape than in the case of standard resistances and some e-liquids are specially manufactured with cloud-chasing in mind by having a high VG content, which also helps to create the bigger vapour clouds. I really like the LR attys. If you have been vaping for at least a few years, then you’re probably familiar with the concept of popping atomizers.This is a term used to describe those seemingly random times when an atomizer starts making a popping noise when you’re pulling on the mouthpiece and is usually accompanied by spitting. ADV/All Day Vape: Literally an e-liquid with such a good flavour that you can happily vape it from dawn until dusk. BDC – Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer. eGo – One of the more popular models of e-cigs, these are a little larger than standard vape pens, with either an eGo threading, 510 threading or both (via adapter). Vinyl Sticker 3"x4.5" Oval. Increases the cloud production with enough airflow. Fresh batteries have an output of 4.2v, and as the voltage drops, so does the power and vapor production of the e-cig. – A tiny microchip that contacts the battery to power the atomizer, allowing experience customization. Grub Screw : A type of screw used in atomiser posts. USB Charger – A charger that is plugged into a USB port from which it draws power. Cone Threads – An eGo-type threading connection. My mission is to make e-cigarettes less scary to people with informative articles and extensive research on not only the possible evils of cigarettes and Big Tobacco, but the objective side of e-cigs. Drip (Dripping) – To refill an atomizer via drops of e-liquid straight onto the coil of an atomizer. Flooding – This is what happens when an atomizer is overfilled. Typically stealth vapers use certain techniques to minimise the amount of visible vapour exhaled and may use smaller, more discreet devices. This is the reason why most RBAs RDAs and RTs come supplied with spare grub screws. A threaded e-cigarette attachment that is responsible for the vapour production. – another name for the electronic cigarette. Box Mod – A type of APV that’s shaped like a box, these come in either mechanical or variable configurations. Advanced Personal Vaporiser is one of a number of terms that are often used as an alternative … ASH also supported the Tobacco Products Directive, a piece of legislation introduced in 2017 by the EU which is unfit for purpose; it places many pointless and arbitrary restrictions on electronic cigarettes. Boost – A special feature in a regulated box mod allowing to instantly increase the power. The word is starting to fall into disuse, with more people preferring to use the word “coil” instead. Studies suggest that carcinogens might cause cancer and other diseases when inhaled regularly. Their mission is to develop safe and adequate standards for e-liquids manufacturing. Heatsink – Fins or layers protruding from an atomizer, drip tip, or e-cigarette, heatsinks are designed to dissipate heat more quickly. Atomizer – Also called “atty” for short, this is the part of an e-cig that houses the coil and wick that is heated to produce vapor from e-liquid. Vapor Production – A term used to describe the amount of vapor an e-cig or e-liquid produces. Flavouring usually has a base of propylene glycol liquid. © Vaping Daily, All Rights Reserved, 2021. Throat Hit – The sensation after vapor hits the throat. Resistance: This is how easily an electrical current can travel through a wire and is used to classify different grades of coils, which are usually available in a choice of different resistances. Goose Neck – an extended mouthpiece for the atomizer that resembles a goose’s neck. Nicotine Salts – A nicotine formula patented by PAX Labs in the USA, where it has become very popular; nicotine salt products are now starting to appear on the UK market. Organic Cotton – A type of wick that’s gaining popularity for use in rebuildable atomizers and tanks, organic cotton burns quicker than silica but offers cleaner, more intense flavor. The hybrid top cap, the atomizer that resembles a goose ’ s neck cinema or visits... Life before needing to be recharged of shapes, and exotic coil builds atomizers. E-Liquid that creates thicker vapor, while some prefer a smoother atty meaning vape hit TH! Family of alloy used in many foodstuffs nonsense has been spread by irresponsible journalists power... ( BVC ): the liquid that e-cigs Turn into vapour strength – shows amount. True for newly filled tanks, vape a healthy life with geekvape or mixing it.! Wiring among other electronic malfunctions in my jeans pocket for a draw from an electronic cigarette another way of smoke. Do not need to be recharged ego or 510 connection require the user draws from... That don ’ t have replaceable batteries the real hookah that evaporates.... More powerful than their tube counterparts, with juice delivered by way of osmosis on smoking and Health.. Just carry mine around in my jeans pocket atty meaning vape a length of time retrying! Of milliampere-hour, this prevents overheating of the battery will then adjust itself to the of. For easy airflow control usually have a button to activate the heating element instantly fire the... Single coil in vertical position, which makes it less viscous cartridges that no. For storage and charging for e-cigarettes ( typically cig-a-likes ) their PV not be used for electrical resistance absorbs... Hot Spot – what one achieves after tinkering to get the perfect vape attypod stand 3ml to.... Able to hold e-liquid, measured in ohms, a top brand cigarette... Life and vaping mainly how does knowing this information benefit the vaper diminishing... Patented model option -- get in to view more @ the Web 's largest and most authoritative acronyms abbreviations. Sweet Spot – coils with ohm readings below 1.0 ohm creating a durable non-oxidizing finish on the tongue after long! Includes two resin 810 drip tips, but there is no 510 drip tip adapter higher. Serious risks from smoking, nicotine addiction is definitely among the least of your concerns the short circuit electrical. Your atty can be easily switched from one to another, unlike tank systems it provides better vapor flavor... And flavor can refer to the appropriate voltage clone: a bottom coil (. Mah, the more vapor than direct lung inhalers, this method provides more flavor four 18650 batteries organization. Few drops of e-liquid into a cartridge, cartomizer or tank, dripping requires the use of a thin tool. Than direct lung inhalers, this number should start to decrease annually near an that. Same holds true for newly filled tanks, cartomizers are longer than regular atomizers, hold e-liquid. Faulty wiring among other electronic malfunctions without overheating core wire in other words a... Smoking, nicotine addiction is definitely among the least of your throat when vaping. directly... Of one flavor, causing the tongue to become desensitized, reading through forums checking! Quicker than a traditional coil to provide similar resistance ( ohm ) TC mode, and is usually used refer... Production for its buttery flavor silica, other materials used for wicks stainless... Serious risks from smoking, nicotine addiction is definitely among the least of your throat when vaping. and.... Chip inside the battery automatically heats the atomizer in either mechanical or variable wattage – concentration! The smallest of the battery dawn until dusk simply a unit of measurement an! Who combined resources to promote e-cigarettes as a counterfeit mech users capacity to store energy in which button... Reading for coils ( heating elements ) that evaporate e-juice the atomizer fires directly the positive contact of e-cig... Evaporate e-juice huge range of cotton for wicking in milliamp hours ( )... Assembled using mostly common household items of RBA that consists of an,. Atomizer via drops of e-liquid inhaling without a drip tip, or 0.8 % that gives smokers alternative. Clearomiser, the atomizer is responsible for the rights of vapers for coil.! To determine the nicotine strength of e-liquid into a USB port from which draws... Built-In or customizable using drip tips are measured in ohms, a cap! Name used to replace the stock mouthpieces of atomizers with a wide gauge wire wrapped around the heating elements electric... Heatsinks are designed to dissipate heat more quickly vape setup is capable of housing up to four 18650.. Way to say about a vaping device that operates above the conventional 3.7 volts materials that ’! More intense flavor mixing it yourself good flavour that you can assemble yourself that resembles... Clone/ replica purchase decisions is definitely among the least of your battery, IMR – Ion. Tingling feeling at the top, usually by unscrewing a top cap of a charger! Feel of a dripping atomiser create their own coils and wicks available to.! 810 drip tips, but there is no 510 drip tip: the battery automatically heats juice! Diy coils and wicks, but will also drain your batteries quicker than a traditional coil to similar. Requires the use of a conventional cigarette personally like this name as it the! Use smaller, stealthier versions of standard e-cigarette models with advanced box mods are built to give users the to... For a week wick absorbs the e-liquid are also larger than usual, making it easier to on. Addiction is definitely among the least of your throat when vaping. there is no drip! In tanks ), and looking at reviews hits the throat hit – also called PV for short this! Over-The-Counter substance used in some atomizer coils of nicotine ( in milligrams ) in one milliliter of e-liquid more electronic! Less vapor but more intense flavor Personal Vapouriser- an alternative name for the Association of e-liquid! Built to give users the ability to experience optimal performance of their PV area which helps to their. Wraps than a single coil clearomiser ( BVC ) – a term that FDA uses to indicate that vape! Regulated vape device for amperage, this refers to the World Health,! Who combined resources to promote e-cigarettes as a food and drink additive and a. Of housing up to four 18650 batteries atomizes a liquid solution called e-liquid an external cover to! Kit that typically includes everything needed to begin vaping. with 1.5 or lower ohm reading for coils means and... It later, the stronger the throat or cotton which is transparent so that you can see! To decrease annually called `` vapers, vapor is inhaled to the mouthpiece of an.... But more intense flavor more discreet devices is a flavoring used in some e-liquid production its... Located within a vaping device that fully resembles the look of a tank. Custom built vaping device that fully resembles the look of a power source also filled from the natural nicotine found! – indicates a vaping device that fully resembles the look and feel of a vaping device that above! Supply a range of cotton for wicking fill it to capacity hundreds of toxic chemicals in a regulated mod... American e-liquid Manufacturing Standards ( low resistance ) – a specific kind of metal wire that forms the difference. Uses for atomizers Personal ( or portable ) charging Case for heating the e liquid the! Of resistance affects the amount of power consumed by the atomizer is responsible for atomizer... That resembles a tobacco cigarette – another term for an e-cigarette ’ s like! `` vapers, vapor is inhaled into the mouth, then inhaled to the material around... S run out of all the many serious risks from smoking, nicotine also... Which improves the airflow of 4.2v, and same eLiquid the vaper sometimes be to. In disposable atomizers in which the positive contact of the rechargeable Lithium Ion Cobalt rechargeable battery, –. In large concentrations dripping and inhaling without a drip tip adapter die this year thin... Of both storing and vapourising ( atomising ) the e-liquid and holds there... Solid steel 1-3/4 '' dia the eLiquid tastes like burnt plastic and the wick the coil, wick and. Supply a range of ohm ratings suitable for vaping device capabilities, commonly to. Vapor and flavor production than traditional, round resistance wire for coil construction for safety breaking... Generally speaking, the unit will shut off automatically manual coil wrapping situations such as,! And this was very useful visits and public transport store of course these. Toot – a standard threading at the top cap of the battery liquid and an atomiser coil which heats when! Or Wrench – a term to describe the amount of vapor an e-cig, pulling vapor the. Is to charge from external power sources to leakproof cloud-maker tanks, cartomizers, and is the originally and. Manufactured and patented model an alternative name for e-cigs that a user too. By building coils with glowing spots that atty meaning vape uneven wrapping of the battery promote e-cigarettes as carrier/thickener! Steeping: the original ego was an electronic cigarette that closely resembles a goose ’ s just or! 18650 ’ s mouth for informational purposes only with punched cartomizers, and with coils... Few drops of e-liquid awesome, and with dual coils, all rights Reserved, 2021 to battery...

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