regex positive lookbehind not supported

12 - 18: Not supported; 79 - 86: Supported; 87: Supported; If you can implement them while preserving the guarantees made by the current package regexp, namely that it makes a single scan over the input and runs in O(n) time, then I … Some regex flavors (Perl, PCRE, Oniguruma, Boost) only support fixed-length lookbehinds, but offer the \K feature, which can be used to simulate variable-length lookbehind at the start of a pattern. I have been stuck trying to figure out regular expressions in solving a problem. Like .NET, the regex alternate regular expressions module for Python captures 123 to Group 1. IE. Match foo preceded by bar: \bar\zsfoo; Match foo followed by bar: foo\zebar; In the above two match, bar is not part of the match. lookahead is not supported in POSIX either. The difference is that lookaround actually matches characters, but then gives up the match, returning only the result: match or no match. Is there a workaround , or do I try a different solution? Workarounds There are two main workarounds to the lack of support for variable-width (or infinite-width) lookbehind: Capture groups. Negative lookbehind: (?

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