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In a pissed-off fit of pique, I decided to come back to Farangland and regroup for another attack on my mission. I really liked his playing and ... Just signed up! At first, Vietnam interested me a lot and I imagined how lovely it would be living in a small seaside village – perhaps even staying there and finding a Vietnamese girl for a partner. Norman Blake [US] originally did Diamonds in the Rough, Salty, Sleepy-Eyed Joe, Kennedy Rag and other songs. Last Train From Poor Valley Acoustic Bass [Upright Bass] – Roscoe Beck Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Tiple, Vocals – Andrew Hardin Backing Vocals – Bradley Kopp, Eliza Gilkyson Dobro – Fats Kaplin Drums – Paul Pearcey* Written-By – Norman Blake (2) 4:38: 2: Stay Away From Lonely Places Vietnam seemed to be quite restrictive for visitors under the conditions imposed by The Government at that time, so I began looking at Thailand as an alternative. Back in the city, I was friendly with 3 Thai girls that I would see on a regular basis for massage and a bit of "rumpy-pumpy" as well – and sometimes I would take one of them to coffee or lunch.

I saw her the day before we were leaving to confirm arrangements and we met the following evening in Don Meuang Airport – I arrived on Qantas and she arrived on Thai Airways, already holding the return leg from a recent booking. From straight ahead “1-4-5 drive” tunes like the fan favorites Handsome Molly and Wrong Road Again (which feature the immediately recognizable banjo work of J.D. We got snow in the winter in some years there – and frost was an everyday occurrence in winter, causing the taps to freeze up until a couple of hours of sunshine thawed them out. I had been on my own now for 5 years, in which time I had become quite familiar and happy, in many ways, with having nobody to answer to in life. V3 Then there was Jo – she was so special. © Stickman 1998-2018. Lightly fall, my cabin 'round Wait A Minute Seldom Scene. There was not much holding me here – so I decided to offload the car and leave the property as it was and made arrangements to get to Thailand as quickly as possible. She worked as a waitress at one of the venues where I played regularly and she would often slip me drinks "on the house" and would sit chatting with me before work. She looked after me very well throughout the evening, plying me with Cointreau shots, with the warning that "I am going to get you drunk tonight, you know?" 7,764 324 1. The CD is also available for purchase from iTunes and Amazon. It was a very good flight over – hardly anyone in economy, so I got a plum seat allocation with plenty of room to spread out and a lot of attention from the cabin crew who knew my Daughter. I remember "The Fields Of November – Old And New" – a really great CD by Norman Blake – perhaps the greatest flat-picking exponent of the acoustic steel-string guitar. Some time back, I had sold off the two businesses and there was no obligation for me to work at a regular job any more – my plan was to devote all of my time to writing songs and refining a certain style of playing the guitar.
  • I had been playing his songs for 30 years – but this was a new CD that was filled with material that I was really keen to get on top of. As life often does – it threw me a curve-ball and the stay in BKK with Sukanda was not what I expected. Last Train From Poor Valley; $0.99 on iTunes 8. I guess she didn't expect me to pick Asia as a destination as she is a bit of a xenophobe and would have had conniptions if I had told her my intentions. Previously in Stickman Readers' Submissions, All rights reserved. My motivation for buying it in the first place must have been during a state of temporary insanity.